January 15, 2011: Dr. Sally Benson

January 15, 2011

Deborah Koons Garcia speaks with Dr. Sally Benson, Global Climate and Energy Project Director and Research Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.

January 8, 2011: Lisa Kivirst

January 8, 2011

Lisa Kivirist, Author and Farmer, speaks with Temra Costa about the current state of affairs of women agricultural producers in the U.S. in light of agri-businesses interest in women farmers and the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of women farmers against the USDA.

January 1, 2011: Steve Schwartz

January 3, 2011

California Farm Link's Executive Director Steve Schwartz talks with Deborah Koons Garcia about the exciting work they are doing with California farmers!

December 18, 2010: Carolyne Stayton

December 20, 2010

Executive Director of Transition Town US Carolyne Stayton talks with Deborah Koons Garcia about the Transition Town Movement.

December 11, 2010: Arty Mangan

December 13, 2010

Arty Mangan, Food and Farming Director of Bioneers talks with host Temra Costa about re-localizing food in New Mexico.

December 4, 2010: Osprey Orielle Lake

December 6, 2010

Host Deborah Koons Garcia talks with Osprey Orielle Lake, Author, Activist, Artist and Director of the Women's Earth and Climate Caucus.

November 27, 2010: Leila Conners and Mark Macinnis

November 29, 2010

Temra Costa speaks with creators of Urban Roots: Producer Leila Conners and Director Mark MacInnis about Detroit's Urban Farming Movement

November 20, 2010: Patrick Holden

November 22, 2010

Patrick Holden, previous director of the Soil Association, speaks with Deborah Koons Garcia about his new venture: Sustainable Food Trust

November 13, 2010: Rebecca Solnit

November 15, 2010

Rebecca Solnit, Activist, Author and Historian talks with host Deborah Koons Garcia about mapping and her new book that she collaborated on with the San Francisco MOMA, Infinite City a San Francisco Atlas.

November 6, 2010: Rowan Jacobson

November 8, 2010

Rowan Jacobson, Author of American Terroir: Savoring the Flavors of Our Woods, Waters and Fields talks with Temra Costa about the American Terroir.